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  1. Visit those schools that interest you. Ask questions. Take tours. Sit in on class if possible. Look at the other students there. Do you feel you fit in? Ask to speak to some professors who are in the field that interests you. Eat in the cafeteria. When you have an idea of those schools that you are interested in, make a list of those schools. You should have no more than six. One safety school, one stretch school, and other schools that you think you could get in to.
  2. Obtain an application from the schools that interest you. Most are available on-line. Fill out your part of the application; DON’T HIT SEND; HIT PRINT. Bring the printed application to Mrs Ross and let her check it. If you have essays to write, let Mrs.Ross check your essays. Once all that is done, you may make corrections and then hit the send button. Most applications will have a school section that we have to do. Make sure that you print that out for us to do, and then we will send it with your transcript. Don’t apply to a school and forget to tell us to send a transcript. You will get a letter back asking for your transcript, and that will slow the application process.
  3. Some of you may want to use the common application. That will enable you to apply to several colleges at once. Unfortunatley, many schools have their own separate applications to fill out in addition to the common applications.  Common applications should already be available on line.
  4. Make a copy of both your application and your check (and later your canceled check) just in case the admission offices lose the information–you will have a record that way.
  5. Personally, we would rather have you bring your application and check to us, so we can check it again, and then we will do the school’s part of the application, and send it with your transcript, so that it’s all together, and there is less chance of it getting separated in an admission’s office.
  6. Letters of recommendation: Many colleges will ask you for letters of recommendation. Decide which teachers that you want to ask and then give them at least two week’s notice, the form if there is one, a list of your activities and a stamped addressed envelope to send it to the college. Or you can have them give the letters to us, and we will send the whole package. Make sure that we know if we are waiting for any letters of recommendation. Also, ask that teacher for a copy of the letter. If you need recommendations for many schools, just let the teachers know that, and they will be able to just change the college, and you can use the letter for several schools.
  7. Mid year reports:–Some schools will require a report after the first semester. Just bring them into the Guidance Office, and we will take care of them in January.
  8. The sooner that you get these applications done, the less stress you will feel.
  9. If you have a school that you really want to go to, and they offer the early decision options, then fill out your application and get it in by the early decision date.
  10. Take the appropriate ACT or SAT tests. Registration is quite easy on-line. Most of you will only need the ACT.


I have put a copy of College. the Book in room 101 for seniors to borrow, It is billed as a powerful planning guide.

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