At Parkersburg Catholic High School, service to the community is an important component of putting our faith into action.  We want to be a visible sign to the community of the love of Christ.

Each student, grades 9 – 12, will complete 25 hours of unpaid service.  This service is community-oriented, and it is outside the student’s family obligations such as chores, yard work, assisting with a family business, babysitting for nieces/nephews, or mowing the lawn for your grandparents. These are examples of what might be done as part of one’s family obligations.  Please limit free babysitting and yard work for others to about 5 hours of the 25 required hours.  Consider opportunities such as sitting with shut-ins, tutoring at the Boys and Girls’ Club, and volunteering at your parish/church for various ministries.

It is the intention of PCHS that these service hours truly reflect genuine service to the community; therefore, a signature from the person organizing the service project, receiving the service, or a class sponsor must be included.

PCHS will offer some service opportunities throughout the school year.  However, it is up to each individual student to take advantage of these opportunities and/or come up with his/her own genuine service opportunities.

NOTE THE CHANGETwelve (12) service hours are due before the end of the first semester and will be included as a portion of the exam grade.  The other thirteen (13) service hours and essay are due before the end of the second semester and will count as a portion of the exam grade.  A senior will not graduate and an underclassman will not be promoted to the next grade level until all 25 hours are complete. We are committed to serving others!

Service hours done during the school day will not count toward the 25 hours of required service.  The 25 hours of service must be performed outside of school hours unless prior authorization is obtained by Mr. Langa, Mrs. Ferch, or Mrs. Robinson.

If there is a question about what counts as service hours, please contact Mr. Langa, Mrs. Ferch, or Mrs. Robinson.

Prayer for Service: (You may use this to pray before and after your service.)

Will you let me be your servant,
Let me be as Christ to you;
Pray that I may have the grace to
Let you be my servant, too.  (from The Servant Song)