Parent Volunteers

Parkersburg Catholic School is a community of families who understand that their child’s
education will be enriched by a caring and safe environment that is centered on faith and
committed to building a life-long love of learning.

The Parent Volunteer Association aims to serve the school in creating this environment by
organizing opportunities for parents to share their time, talents and treasures with the
students and faculty. There are many opportunities available throughout the year, and
you are always welcome to introduce new ideas that better align with your talents and
will help us further our cause.

As Chairs of this association, and veterans of Parkersburg Catholic School, we are excited
to share our love of Catholic Education with you and do all we can to assist the teachers
and administration of the school in providing a wonderful learning environment for our
children. If you have any questions or suggestions, please free to contact us at any time.
You will find a list of our current committees enclosed, along with a list of committee
chairs. If any committees interest you, please complete the committee registration form
and send it back in with your child or drop it by the front office.

We look forward to an exciting school year and can’t wait to reconnect with old friends
and welcome new families into our community.

Kelly Franklin:
Kelly Guice:

PVA Committees

PVA Committee Descriptions

The Committees responsible for organizing the following progams during the school year

Beautification- This committee is responsible for beautification projects on school grounds, at both the Pre-K/Kindergarten and Downtown locations. This committee needs 6-10 volunteers

Book Fair- This committee is responsible for helping with the Book Fair that takes place once a year. This committee needs 4-6 volunteers.

Box Tops for Education- Collects box tops for education from school families and other sources and submits them to the program for cash awards regularly throughtout the year.

Campbell’s Labels- Collects Campbell’s Soup labels from school families and friends and submits them to the program regularly throughtout the year.

Cash Drawing- Held each spring, this is the principle fundraiser for the school. Ticket buyers have a chance to win up to $5,000. Also includes a silent auction.

Catholic Schools Week Teacher Appreciation- This committee is responsible for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon during Catholic Schools Week. This committee needs 4-6 volunteers.

Crusader Cash/Scrip- While this committee does not actually fall under the umbrella of the PVA, volunteers are needed to assist with orders, marketing, and answering questions about the program. This committee would benefit from 2-4 volunteers.

Crusader Corner Store- This committee coordinates the ordering and special sales for the Crusader Corner Uniform and Spirit-Wear Store. Crusader Corner is the only place where uniform approved fleeces and sweatshirts are sold. Orders are placed online or at special events. Committee members are needed to coordinate sale times, which will typically be at the start of the school year, Homecoming Week, Catholic Schools Week, Spring Program, and any other event the committee sees fit to sell spirit wear. This committee needs 6-8 volunteers.

Crusader Sharing- This is a committee established to offer comfort to PC families in times of need, via cards, delivering a home cooked meal to families after a birth, surgery, illness or death. This committee could use many volunteers on an as needed basis.

Hospitality- This is one of the most appreciated of the PVA committees. This committee works to revive the lost art of hospitality. They do
much throughout the year including teacher appreciation and special recognition/activities for students. This committee needs 8-10 volunteers.

Lunchroom Helpers- This committee will be in charge of helping with lunch from 12p-1p, Monday-Friday. Will need 1 person each day and several substitutes. This committee needs 5 volunteers for regular lunch duty and a minimum of 3 substitutes.

New Family Welcoming- This committee will be in charge of helping with lunch from 12p-1p, Monday-Friday. Will need 1 person each day and several substitutes. This committee needs 5 volunteers for regular lunch duty and a minimum of 3 substitutes. 

Homeroom Helpers- Each class needs at least one Homeroom Parent to organize class parties and assist the teacher with projects as needed.

Partners in Education- Paired with HEALTHSOUTH to promote interaction between the business community and the school as part of the countywide Partners in Education program.

PVA Marketing/Fundraisers- This committee will create a marketing plan to execute ideas for fundraising. PVA needs funds for several
projects including Crusader Sharing, Hospitality Committee events and future projects. This committee needs 4-6 volunteers.

Skating Parties- Held for the benefit of our students as a fun weekend activity.

Snowflake Raffle- This committee is responsible for soliciting donations for the Snowflake Raffle and organizing/tracking ticket sells. Proceeds from this raffle are used to give the teachers a special Christmas Bonus. This committee needs 3-5 volunteers.

Uniform Closet- This committee dedicated to keeping the uniform closet organized. Volunteers need to be available during the school day. This committee needs 2-3 volunteers.

Yearbook- This committee oversees the formatting of the yearbook. This committee needs 2-3 volunteers.

Young Peoples Bank- This committee oversees the Banking Days for the student body. This committee needs 1-2 volunteers

Special Events Committee- This committee would be “as needed” for special events or projects that may come up throughout the school year. This committee needs 4-8 volunteers.