Capital Campaign

Tax Advantages of Thoughtful Giving


Federal and state laws on income and inheritance taxes encourage charitable giving. All contributions to our campaign are tax deductible for those who itemize their deductions. It is particularly advantageous for some people to contribute appreciated securities, stocks, real property, or other valuables. Because each person's financial situation may yield different benefits through different methods of making a gift, we recommend that you discuss your gift with your financial advisor. Pledges Via Cash or Checks: Simply complete your pledge card by selecting the amount of your pledge and down payment. Make sure to select your method of payment and when you [...]

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A Need for Special Generosity


Every member of our school community is an integral to our success in reaching this goal; therefore, each family will be asked to consider making a pledge to the campaign to the best of their ability. Everyone is asked to prayerfully consider how their generosity can reflect their gratitude for the gifts that God has given them. Those who are financially capable of pledging $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more, are asked to step forward and become leaders of our campaign. We know that a pledge of $25,000 or more will be a challenge for some; therefore it is vital to the [...]

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History of Our Catholic Schools


The tradition of Catholic education in Parkersburg began in 1856 under the direction of the Reverend Henry Park in a tiny schoolhouse behind the St. Francis Xavier rectory. Highlights over the years include the arrival of the Sisters of The Poor Child Jesus in 1920, the establishment of an elementary school at St. Margaret Mary Parish in 1923, and the decision in 1958 to raise $700,000 to build the existing Fairview Avenue high school facility. Today Parkersburg Catholic High School draws Catholic students from six parishes in West Virginia and Ohio and students of other faiths within a thirty-mile radius. In [...]

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Memorial & Naming Opportunities


Parkersburg Catholic Schools will be a living memorial to the people who have served and sacrificed in their support of the school since its founding. Those who help to secure its future through this campaign will provide a legacy for future generations of families and friends. The legacy of these donors will remain as a visible sign of God's Grace among us. Individuals, families and businesses that wish to make a substantial financial commitment of $25,000 or more may memorialize their gift to "Our Faith...Our Future" Capital Campaign. This is a special opportunity to perpetuate the memory of a deceased loved [...]

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How Can I get Involved


Throughout the "Our Faith...Our Future" Capital Campaign, the Campaign Cabinet and school volunteers will communicate our goal for the future to all members of our community. All school families, alumni and supporters of Catholic education will be given an opportunity to participate. A series of campaign awareness events will be hosted by Parkersburg Catholic Schools supporters' throughout the greater Mid-Ohio Valley area. These special gatherings will offer an opportunity to meet as a family and present the needs of our school. Those unable to attend an awareness event can receive campaign materials from our school office or their parish. All are [...]

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Campaign Co-Chairs


My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, It is with great hope and joy that we begin the Our Faith...Our Future Capital Campaign to build upon the foundation laid by previous generations of faithful Catholics in the Mid-Ohio Valley Region. Our new venture will help us fulfill our mission, to continue to pursue excellence in the Catholic tradition; the formation of the mind, body and soul. Catholic education has been of paramount importance to all of us as a community. Since 1856, Catholic educated young men and women have given back to our community in many ways. A revitalized and rededicated [...]

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