Exceptional Academic Programs

Parkersburg Catholic Schools provide a safe, affordable option to earn an exceptional education.

Academic Programs at Parkersburg Catholic Schools are designed to instill the characteristics for success. Our curriculum support students and promote the importance of problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, preparation, and lifelong learning. Learning can be fun. We focus on experiences and exploration. Whether you are a pre-school student learning the alphabet or a high school student trying to discover their passion, we create an environment and academic programs that elevate our students to new heights.

Prek-3 & Prek-4

Start your child’s education in the right place. Parkersburg Catholic offers pre-school and early education opportunities for families.

Elementary School (K-5)

Choose Parkersburg Catholic Elementary School to help create a strong learning foundation for your child. Our educational efforts are directed toward the formation of the total person–intellectually, morally, socially, physically and spiritually.

High School (6-12)

Parkersburg Catholic High School is where students prepare for their next level of learning. Discover your passion, develop your skills, and challenge your limits.

Parkersburg Catholic Schools – West Virginia Accredited School

What is Accreditation and Why is Accreditation Important?

An accredited school system commits to continually hold high standards for its faculty, staff, leadership and board of advisors/directors to provide quality educational experiences for its students.  When a student graduates from a nationally accredited high school, that student may freely apply to any accredited college or university in the nation.  A graduate of an unaccredited school will not be considered for admission without also presenting a passing score of the GED, meaning that the high school diploma is not considered valid.

An accredited school is willingly held accountable to well-researched best practices regarding instruction, school environment, and evaluation procedures, ensuring students participate in quality educational programming.

When you start thinking about college or higher education, enrolling in an accredited school matters.

  • 32% of Parkersburg Catholic Teachers are PCS Graduates

  • 52% of Parkersburg Catholic Instructors hold Masters Degrees

  • 63% of PCS Teachers are practicing Catholics

  • Parkersburg Catholic Teachers have an average of 17+ years teaching

Our small class sizes are integral for everyone knowing each other. We really are like a family. We offer a warm and welcoming environment. New students won’t feel that way for long. We are here to prepare students to take on the world and be contributing members of society.

Parkersburg Catholic prepares its students for success by setting high academic standards for achievement and helping them meet those standards, through enhanced individualized attention. We have a 100% graduation and college acceptance rate. Our ACT average is consistently 2-3 points above the national average.

We take the honor of being trusted with your children seriously. We have upgraded our security measures throughout the school system, including state of the art cameras, radios as well as engaging all of the faculty and staff in regular safety trainings.

Students are taught the importance of growing their own faith, whatever that may be. They are provided a balanced academic curriculum that integrates faith, family culture and life. Moral development and self-discipline are emphasized, while instilling the value of service to others.


Parkersburg Catholic Schools understands the importance of a high quality curriculum in our classrooms. We know that our teachers and staff make a huge impact on our students – and when mixed with a curriculum that engages and challenges students, we have the formula for an extraordinary education experience.

Our curriculum focuses on Mind, Body, and Soul – at all ages. Students are encouraged to develop their mind through challenging and differentiated academic programs. Specials include PE, Music and Spanish (PreK – 12). Literacy is integrated in all that we do. PCS helps students with their body through physical education classes and championship athletics. Daily chapel in preschool, regularly scheduled Masses and religion classes help Parkersburg Catholic students embody the elements of soul.

From early education and pre-school to graduating seniors, we have a curriculum that is customized for the grade and individual.

Faith Based Education

Parkersburg Catholic Schools fosters relationships with family, community and all people through service, educational excellence and faith formation.

We take pride in developing and nurturing a Christian atmosphere. Our Catholic identity is centered around our relationship with God the Father, his Son and the Holy Spirit. We then extend this relationship to our churches, families, and community. These relationships are rooted in many ways, which include prayers, weekly mass, classroom service projects, retreats, and acts of charity.

Parkersburg Catholic welcomes all families that are interested in providing their children with a quality education. If you are interested in a Faith-Based education or a high-quality private school, we provide a friendly and sociable environment for all.