2020-21 School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board (SAB) has been organized into 5 committees to support our Intentional Growth/Strategic Plan.

Current School Advisory Board Members are:

Angie Stuckert
SAB Chairperson, Culture & Climate Chair, St. Francis Xavier, Executive Member
Charlie Burd
Finance, St. Francis Xavier
Jay Miller
Finance Chair. St. Michael’s
Taralyn D’eramo
Academic Excellence Chair, St. Michael’s
Amber Haid
Advancement Chair, St. Margaret Mary
Dr. C. Donnie Smith
Enrollment Chair, PCHS Designated Pastor Appointee
Community at large designee
St. Margaret Mary designee
Shannon Shay
St. Ambrose
PCES Designated Pastor appointee
Fr. John Gallagher
Designated Pastor for HS, Executive Member
Fr. Steve Vallelonga
Designated Pastor for ES, Executive Member
Mrs. M.C. Heffner
Principal PCES & PCHS, Executive Member

SAB meetings are the 4th Monday of the month they meet. SAB Executive members now meet quarterly with the committees meeting between SAB meetings.

2021 Meetings