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We Serve students Pre-K through 12th grade
in a structured, challenging learning environment.


From an early age, we instill the importance of experiential learning, guided by passionate teachers who cultivate each child’s unique potential. 


Our small class sizes are integral for everyone knowing each other. We really are like a family. We offer a warm and welcoming environment. New students won’t feel that way for long. We are here to prepare students to take on the world and be contributing members of society.


Parkersburg Catholic prepares its students for success by setting high academic standards for achievement and helping them meet those standards, through enhanced individualized attention. We have a 100% graduation and college acceptance rate. Our ACT average is consistently 2-3 points above the national average.


We take the honor of being trusted with your children seriously. We have upgraded our security measures throughout the school system, including state of the art cameras, radios as well as engaging all of the faculty and staff in regular safety trainings.


Students are taught the importance of growing their own faith, whatever that may be. They are provided a balanced academic curriculum that integrates faith, family culture and life. Moral development and self-discipline are emphasized, while instilling the value of service to others.

Our Catholic Identity

Parkersburg Catholic takes pride in developing and nurturing a Christian atmosphere. Our Catholic identity is centered around our relationship with God the Father, his Son and the Holy Spirit. We then extend this relationship to our churches, families, and community. These relationships are rooted in many ways, which include:

  • Prayer at the beginning and end of the day
  • Prayer before lunch
  • Every day at Noon the elementary students pray The Angelus
  • Weekly Mass for students in grades 1-6
  • Bi-weekly Mass for students in grades 7-12
  • Yearly classroom service projects
  • Students engage in religion curriculum
  • Annual All Saints parade to St. Francis Xavier Church for elementary students
  • Acts of charity
  • 1st & 5th grade Rosary partners and 2nd & 6th grade Rosary partners
  • 6th-12th grade retreats
  • Catholic Schools Week celebration
  • Student prayer and Mass leaders
  • Annual Vocations Awareness talk
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We didn’t just choose PC schools for our children because we’re alumni.  Faith-based education is important to us, and there are several options for elementary faith-based education in our community.  The PCES mission to think of others before self, and to serve others are very important in our family.  We’re active in our community in many ways, and we wanted a school environment that supported us.  We also continue to choose PC Schools each year because we know that our financial investment will pay off with scholarship opportunities for our daughters as they approach college.  The data around how many PC graduates pay 50% or less of their college tuition is overwhelming.  Additionally, our daughters are active in the arts, and our family needs an educational environment that can support them when they miss school for gigs, large shows out of town, and auditions.  The staff and faculty has been instrumental in helping to accommodate and plan for absences for these performance and audition opportunities that will likely be careers for them.

Mark & Erin Augenstein

-Parents of PCS Students

Our Mission

To bring people closer to Christ, Parkersburg Catholic Schools fosters relationships with family, community and all people through service, educational excellence and faith formation.


Parkersburg Catholic Schools are a diocesan coeducational Catholic faith community whose basic goal is the development of individual students as Christian social beings. The school offers a curriculum designed to prepare students for college and other post-high school educational opportunities. To provide a quality education, PCS strives to make effective use of various educational enhancements offered by parents, parishes, other educational institutions and business/community programs. All educational efforts are directed toward the formation of the total person–intellectually, morally, socially, physically and spiritually.


Art and music are integral parts of the educational experience at Parkersburg Catholic from the very beginning. We offer pep band, drama and many opportunities for the students to express themselves through art. There are several productions throughout the year that allow the students to showcase their talents for the public.


Parkersburg Catholic Schools provides a high quality athletic department which provides all students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of seasonal sports. PCS students are encouraged to participate in activities that promote their academic, spiritual and physical growth and participation is quite high with 95% of the student body involved in at least one extracurricular. With a no-cut athletics policy, any student that wishes to participate in a team sport may do so. More than half of our students from elementary through high school are a part of at least one team, with the majority participating in multiple sports.